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Program Announcements / Ball 3 [full game]

super philip
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Joined: 31st Jul 2008
Location: Italy
Posted: 13th Jun 2011 12:12 Edited at: 20th Jan 2013 22:24
Hi guys,
i've finished my last project and i want to post it for you...
here's a screen:

and here's the download link:
have fun whit it!
Dark Dragon
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Joined: 22nd Jun 2007
Location: In the ring, Kickin\' *donkeybutt*.
Posted: 16th Jun 2011 03:55
Ummmmm Could you post a version we dont have to install? Like a .zip? Maybe youll get more feed back too.

Uncle Sam
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Joined: 23rd Jul 2005
Location: West Coast, USA
Posted: 18th Jun 2011 08:13 Edited at: 18th Jun 2011 08:13
Yes, many more people will try this if there is a no-installer version.

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