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Dark GDK .NET / Dark GDK.Net/Dark Game Studio

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Joined: 30th Sep 2002
Posted: 16th Jun 2011 18:35
These are probably simple questions to answer, but I couldn't find a direct answer on the site.

1. Is Dark GDK.Net included in Dark Game Studio? I see that Dark GDK is included, but is Dark GDK.Net part of a different package?

2. Are the plugins included in Dark Game Studio compatible with Dark GDK.Net or are they just for DBP/Dark GDK?

Thanks homies.

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Posted: 2nd Jul 2011 16:58

DarkGDK.NET is not distributed with Dark Game Studio as it is a separate product purchase.

The plugins are not compatable with DarkGDK.NET as the DarkGDK.NET plugin scheme is different from both DarkGDK and DarkBASIC Professional. Most plugins do require an interface file which mush be written in .NET C++ managed code.


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