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FPS Creator X10 / mature patch

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Joined: 18th Jun 2011
Posted: 18th Jun 2011 19:04
hi i just bought the dvd version of fps creator x10 from a local supermarket does this mean i cant get the mature patch ? . surely buying the dvd version is still a legal version.
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Joined: 22nd Apr 2008
Location: Canada
Posted: 21st Jun 2011 06:19
contact support from the game creators website... if the copy you bought is legit they should be able to help you out.
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Joined: 21st Jun 2011
Posted: 21st Jun 2011 11:40 Edited at: 22nd Jun 2011 13:47
I bought FPS X10 from TGC and they say they don't have my order, so I can't get the mature patch. TGC have not been very helpful and I'm disappointed with the service. I have contacted them so many times I have lost count. I wouldn't buy anything from TGC ever again.

PS They have got it sorted out now, it just took a bit of time to track down
AJ Schaeffer
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Joined: 22nd Aug 2009
Location: Jacksonville,FL
Posted: 29th Jun 2011 06:50
What supermarket did you go to?

They sell FPSC in stores?

Making someone's day a little better because of one of my models means a lot to me.

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