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2D All the way! / 2D from 3D assests

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Joined: 20th Jun 2011
Posted: 21st Jun 2011 01:21
Is it possible to create a 2d sidescroller using 3d models and assests? I haven't programmed since the commodore 64 so I'm realllllly rusty. I've spent most of my time creating models and animating for the unreal Engine and such. Thought I'd get back in and try a few things with this engine.
So is it possible and are there any tuts that can help oil my memory and skills?
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Posted: 22nd Jun 2011 15:21
Sure it's possible! A great example of it is Kirby 64 or Super Smash Bros.

There are some great tutorials on the top of each board, I suggest to go and check out the ones on the Dark Basic Professional board


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Posted: 1st Jul 2011 01:19
if you look in the back issues of the TGC news letter. there was a series of tutorials for something like this were you made a bruce lee game. it should give you some help........

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Chris Tate
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Posted: 3rd Jul 2011 20:12 Edited at: 3rd Jul 2011 20:14
Hi Ilidrake

As stated it is possible. The difference is that you will be checking collisions, positions and other properties per 3D object or 3d co-ordinate in a camera view rather than per sprite/image/2D co-ordinate in the screen.

A character can be added to a scene where you can check for collisions against a 3d level object; or a number of 3d level objects; or a number of limbs in certain objects.

Here is a very, very, basic example:

You would need to add more code to work with side collision, head collision and other aspects of platform gameplay. Use a progressive [while] condition loop to move objects when no collision occurs, rather than the simple [if] block approach that may send your player through walls if it travels too fast. Note that there are other tools that could be used; such as Dark Physics Character Controller (Minus the Z movement) or Sparkys Collision DLL to name a few.

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