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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [x9] The Infection

flaming chainsaw
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Joined: 26th Jan 2011
Posted: 25th Jun 2011 12:19 Edited at: 25th Jun 2011 12:22
the year is 2232
the world is at peace
the nations of the world have worked together to start exploration of the stars. the UN sent out the SS Avenger II to explore the planet T-17, 4 lightyears away. after a succesful exploration of T-17 the team recovered a human like artifact from a mysterious what apeared to be a man made tomb. puzzed, the captain of the SS Avenger II set off for its 3 month journy back to Earth. scientist on the SS Avenger II have discovered what seemed to be a fast regenterating bacteria on the artifact. in hoping they found self regeneration life form they sent the captain to see what they have found. but what they found was no self regenerationg bacteria...
after 1 month of travel crew mates were getting sick on a purely starul ship, they appeared to have a sort of flesh eating virus and were quarentined. after 2 weeks in reasurch of the flesh eating virus, scientist found that it was the same bacteria that was found on the artifact. puzzed, scientists warned the captain and he put the ship on quarentine, the red lights went on and never went off.after 3 weeks of quarentine most of the ships crew have died from the virus. the population of the ship was once 3000 and now had fallen to 273. the ships reserve energy is running out, paranoia has filled the rest of the surviving crew.
as one of the last security gaurds on board the SS Avenger II, you wake up to a disturbing noise and find that everyone in your squad is gone, everyone in the living area of the security sector was gone. now alone , you must search the ship and find the cockpit of the SS Avenger II and stop it from reaching earth...

i has no clue, but its a shooter/search/do whatever you want try not to die game

in the making

this is my first attempt at making a legit level by level game so theres not gonna be anything special, im just hoping it will give you guys somerthing to do and when i figure out how to improve things then i will add it

now for pics,

the pics arnt showing up, i guess i gotta give it time cause i just made a imageshake account thing.. ugh

c&c is yummy
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Posted: 25th Jun 2011 14:53 Edited at: 25th Jun 2011 14:57
Screenshots for your thread, so there is no lock.

*tip, you dont need a account to use imageshack, however I see no problem in doing so. You have also linked to the wrong URL address needed, I dont think they will show up. So here's what I did,

1. Right click on your [X] (non showing screens) and click Properties, look for Address. Highlight and copy the URL address for the screen. (this is in case you dont have original links.)
2. Paste the URL address for the screen you just copied in a new window/explorer/net.
3. Right click on the screen (imageshack page) and click Properties, look for Address. Highlight and copy the URL address for the screen *You should notice its a different URL address.
4. Modify your original post (look for Edit button) and click the Image button (just above your post box) and paste the new URL address. And it will look like the ones I've posted.

Good luck on your game.

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