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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Text Questions

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Posted: 25th Jun 2011 19:00
ok so , i havent rad every post here there are alot to read here, but i'll ask this anyway and if it is already written somewhere here im sorry for my lazyness..

ok so what about text ?
do i have the same commands simple as they are for any kind of

or do we get a Bitmap Text options inside AppGameKit or should we build them
my project is coming along really nicely the only problem i have now is the physics thing i dont want to build it cause AppGameKit comes with Box2D so...

i cant wait for it to be released already told all my friends when this comes out .. forget about me for a month or 2
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Posted: 25th Jun 2011 21:56 Edited at: 25th Jun 2011 21:59
We don't know all of the commands yet, but this should give you a pretty good idea of what kinds of commands are in via Facebook....

With 56 text commands I am sure what you want is likely to be in there.

The release date was said a few months ago to be July, but that has probably changed now since well it's a week away from being July.


The AppGameKit command set is now 99.9% complete. We might add a few more before we release but this is it for V1. Here's a breakdown of the categories and how many are in each. You can see that sprites and box 2D physics have extensive command sets.

Display - 35
Maths - 28
Errors - 2
Images - 10
Sprites - 80
Box 2D - 83
Particles - 29
Sound - 7
Music - 10
Text - 56
Text Input - 5
Raw Input - 5
Touch - 16
Mouse - 4
Joystick - 20
Virtual Buttons - 11
Keyboard - 2
Accelerometer - 3
AGK Input - 16
Networking - 36
System - 8
File - 13
Benchmarking - 9

Total 488

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