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FPS Creator X10 / Waypoints?

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Joined: 25th Jun 2011
Posted: 26th Jun 2011 06:43
I have an entity who is neutral with "no action" set for all four conditions. I have the beginning waypoint under the entity and a path set for him to follow, with the final waypoint ending under the entity, hoping that's how you make him follow the waypoint repeatedly. I also changed his main script to "follownorotate" because someone told me that's the script FPS Creator X10 uses to make an entity follow a path. Well, my entity won't follow the path. When I test the game, my entity is doing his walking animation; but he isn't following the path. He just stays in the same spot doing his animation.

What's wrong?
SikaSina Games
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Posted: 30th Jun 2011 18:39
Try one of these:

1. Make sure he is above the ground.
2. Use "follow.fpi", not follownorotate.
3. Have the AI actions to "Patrol Area", even if it's not DarkAI (I had the same problem once and put those on and they moved).

Also, try it without a waypoint, see if they patrol with DarkAI. If not then it's the character which is the problem .


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