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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] My first ever FPSC[x9] game and its called Intimate Edge

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Joined: 2nd Dec 2010
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Posted: 29th Jun 2011 21:28
Game: Intimate Edge

Story: You take the role of Jamamros Pegason who is finding the lost packages, to make you the real hero. No soldier should be forgotten. Also in the quest are beings that want you to fail in the epic tasks set out. Take a stand and be a hero.

The full details and game can be found at:

Thankyou, Simon (sjtuk)
SikaSina Games
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Posted: 29th Jun 2011 23:39 Edited at: 29th Jun 2011 23:39
You need screenshots otherwise this thread will be locked.

Even if the site explains everything and has screenshots,they need to be on here too .


Sorry all for my furious departure a while ago (well, almost 8 months xD) after deep thought I have decided to return.

I apologise to those I offended.

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