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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] [X9] Slayer-A WiP Multiplayer game

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Joined: 13th May 2011
Posted: 6th Jul 2011 22:37
Hey people!
I am currently working on a new game called Slayer!


First to reach 50 frags wins.

Screenshot with sniper is attached/


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Desecrated Studios
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Joined: 16th Jan 2011
Location: Kirtona
Posted: 7th Jul 2011 00:56
This will get locked if you don't actually post a screenshot in the post.

1. Go to and create an account
2. Upload your pictures to imageshack and copy the direct link
3. Come back to here and edit your post, click image and paste in the DIRECT LINK
4. Your images should now appear in your post.

EDIT - Your images should also be in a JPG format, not BMP...

Also, from the picture you have a lot of work to do. You have some random green lights in there for no reason. Follow this tutorial on how to fix your lighting problems,

Good Luck!

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