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FPS Creator X10 / weapons not appearing...

chaos warrior
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Joined: 21st Aug 2007
Posted: 10th Jul 2011 12:35
Hi,when i test the map everything is fine,but when i build the game i can not see the weapon i am using,i can see it before i pick the weapon up,i cn also see the hand which holds the weapn,i can even fight with it but the weapon is invisible(on all the levels of the builded game)...I am sorry if this has already been posted but i did not find anything...
SikaSina Games
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Joined: 5th Dec 2007
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Posted: 10th Jul 2011 18:25
Assuming they're MP9&10 weapons, you need to copy the textures from the FPS Creator gamecore\guns\$ area of the gun you want and copy them into the directory in the built game's. Errant has mentioned this in the text files but it took me a while to find out too :

Quote: "1911 Example:

After building your game, you MUST manually copy the following textures to the

files\gamecore\guns\model pack 9\1911

directory of your BUILT game or else the weapon will not display properly!

If you fail to do this, some parts of the weapon and the hands will not render. Also, enemy weapons will appear white."

Hope this helps


Sorry all for my furious departure a while ago (well, almost 8 months xD) after deep thought I have decided to return.

I apologise to those I offended.

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