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FPS Creator X10 / Official X10 Model Pack Issues

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Joined: 27th Aug 2010
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Posted: 12th Jul 2011 21:12
To many posts about model pack issues for now on post your model pack issues in this thread...I figure this thread would help a lot of people that are having issues so first thing is nameing the model packs and errors I know of...

Metro theater pack...(31)
Movie screen dosnt work
Projectar Light dose not work
Water effects do not work....
Reason: X9 uses different shaders then X10. X10 uses ps 4 shaders while X9 uses ps 2 and 3 which do not run on X10.

Zombie Apocolypse pack...(41)
Zombie animations freeze during gameplay often
Reason: Not sure but soon to find out...

Post other model pack issues below for help...

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Joined: 14th Jun 2010
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Posted: 13th Jul 2011 22:41
Thanks NIlooc, I think this thread will be very helpfull.

BTW. You should contact BOND1 for the MP 41 issue. I'm pretty sure he knows what the problem is.



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Posted: 13th Jul 2011 23:36
Beat me D:.

Metro Theater does work in X10, only the water doesn't: you have to remove the effects from each entity/segment in order for them to render.

Model Pack 9 and 10 work fine, even with the effects left in the gunspecs .


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Joined: 18th Dec 2010
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Posted: 14th Jul 2011 03:24
It not much but I just posted a small model pack in the "models and media" section of the forum specifically built and tested for x10. Can't see starting another thread about it in this forum but since we are on the topic...

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