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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / Zombies Berserk (FPSC game)

Johnny 5
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Joined: 13th Jan 2011
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Posted: 13th Jul 2011 05:01 Edited at: 13th Jul 2011 16:17
Hi all you forum posters want a cool game to play then check out my game i made using FPSC X9 Zombies Berserk on http://www.zombiesberserk.webs.comthere is a video on youtube it is Zombies Berserk Ad here is the link:
Please reply i want people to think of what they think of my work.
Best Regards Johnny-5 (JVWJ Games)
the Features this game has are
1. Cool Zombies
2. Traps
3. Fire
4. Bosses
5. Awsome Music
6. Awsome Weapons
7. Xbox Controller Support(Coming Soon)

Johnny 5 is alive WEBSITE
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Joined: 19th Aug 2009
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Posted: 13th Jul 2011 08:58 Edited at: 13th Jul 2011 08:59
Please read the rules before posting. For goodness sake's, its called a STICKY.


For KeithC
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Joined: 14th Aug 2010
Posted: 13th Jul 2011 19:11
Ok I dont want to say this but sorry,your design is bad.Try to add some barrel,table,pipes and many more.If you dont have enough stuff to make the game so here legal website.

Ok you need to open your setup.ini in your FPSC main directory.Open it and find Lightmapquality.Change it to 32 or 50.If you want my Level Design tutorial or need any help.Just email me.

Poloflece,Anayar,PWP,Henry Ham,Cosmic Prophet,Wolf,KeithC,Nickydude And Lee Bamber is my icon.

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