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Program Announcements / zParticle Download

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Joined: 29th May 2007
Posted: 17th Jul 2011 05:12
Sorry, since the thread is locked, and the authos email domain suspended:

Does anyone have a download link for zParticle 1.11?

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Joined: 26th Dec 2006
Location: Duffield
Posted: 20th Jul 2011 12:37
This is the wrong place to post this question.

This thread is for posting announcements for finished programs / games...

...and no I don't have a link, sorry.

Sixty Squares
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Joined: 7th Jun 2006
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Posted: 22nd Jul 2011 05:12
As baxslash said, this isn't the right place for this question. However, I just happen to have the ZIP file on my computer. The download is attached

Guns, cinematics, stealth, items and more!


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Blobby 101
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Joined: 17th Jun 2006
Location: England, UK
Posted: 22nd Jul 2011 10:12
Hey, Sixty Squares, you should put that up as a torrent on DarkBit, make sure it doesn't get lost again

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Joined: 18th Oct 2007
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Posted: 22nd Jul 2011 14:05

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