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FPS Creator X10 / Fpsc X10 Model Pack 22 Chainsaw Boss Problem

User Banned
Posted: 17th Jul 2011 06:57
Hi i bought model pack 22 and i put a chainsaw boss on my game tested the level when i downed to kill him he floats off in the air

Desecrated Studios
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Joined: 16th Jan 2011
Location: Kirtona
Posted: 17th Jul 2011 09:54
Can a mod please move this to the FPS Creator X10 part of the forums?

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Joined: 27th Aug 2010
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Posted: 18th Jul 2011 21:58
i dont know what

when i downed to kill him means

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seth zer0
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Joined: 22nd Apr 2006
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Posted: 20th Jul 2011 02:48
he doesn't work right.. they never fixed a lot of the model packs for x10 model packs but the floating part is weird he should just lose his head and fall over.

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