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2D All the way! / How to make a 2d texture

Mychal B
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Joined: 21st Jul 2010
Location: Coos bay, rainville
Posted: 21st Jul 2011 13:34
Sorry to ask what I'm sure is a very stupid question, but how in the world do I create a texture! The texture I've included is 256x256. I'm using it in 3dws. Whenever I export it ".dbo" and load it in darkbasic, i lose the texture! Any advice would be very helpful, thanks.

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Quisco DaLuse
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Posted: 22nd Jul 2011 17:07 Edited at: 26th Jul 2011 06:35
It sounds like the issue is not with creating a texture, but with seeing the texture applied to an object once it it loaded into DarkBASIC (you didn't say if it was DBC or DBP, but the following advice should help either way).

Make sure the texture and the .dbo object are in the same folder. If it still doesn't work, you could load the texture in as an image and then use the TEXTURE OBJECT command.

I took your texture and applied it to a box, saved it as a .dbo file and grabbed a pic.

EDIT: No response from the OP in days? Scratches OP off of the 'people to help' list.


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