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2D All the way! / Question about Photoshop

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Joined: 8th Feb 2011
Posted: 15th Aug 2011 10:29
I have some textures that I found on the internet. For whatever reason though, the 4 vertical rows of pixels from the right side of the texture have somehow been moved to the left side, so basically the entire texture has been moved four pixels to the left and the 4 rows of pixels on the right have been "wrapped" around on to the left side. I can fix this easily enough by just copying and pasting the four rows on the left, moving them to the right and just nudging the entire texture to the left by four pixels, but it's annoying and not practical when I have a lot of textures to do.

So my question is, is there a way in Photoshop to nudge the entire image to one side and have the pixels that overlap with the edge of the frame carry around and appear on the opposite side?

Wierd question but I really need to know

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Joined: 10th Mar 2003
Location: Long Island, NY
Posted: 15th Aug 2011 16:10
Seems like the perfect little utility to program in DBpro.

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Joined: 16th Apr 2003
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Posted: 16th Aug 2011 04:39
I'd say you have a bigger issue to consider if all the images you download have this happening.

But if the texture is just wrapping around anyway, it should still tile just fine.

But yes PS has an offset image feature that will wrap the edges around.

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Joined: 23rd Jul 2011
Location: Sacramento, CA
Posted: 17th Aug 2011 03:45
Filter > other > offset
Pincho Paxton
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Joined: 8th Dec 2002
Posted: 22nd Aug 2011 03:00
In Photoshop there are also Actions, and Batch. A batch is an automatic way of performing the same action on lots of files. You need to record the Filter > other > offset, and then Photoshop will allow you to play that back on an entire folder. It will automatically offset all of the images in that folder.

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