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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Are there any Tier 2 examples in the Native examples workspace?

Rich Dersheimer
AGK Developer
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Joined: 1st Jul 2009
Location: Inside the box
Posted: 18th Aug 2011 21:58 Edited at: 19th Aug 2011 00:09
'cause I'm not seeing any, no matter where I drill down.

EDIT: Silly me, I was browsing for them in AppGameKit, when I should have been looking through Visual Studio. Doh.

TGC Lead Developer
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Joined: 21st Jan 2000
Location: England
Posted: 19th Aug 2011 04:46
Just as a heads-up, you can choose your preferred Development Environment for your Tier 2 coding. Many of use like Visual Studio because it's solid and free, but you can equally use XCODE, QT and the Samsung Bada Eclipse templates. The AppGameKit code you create in your CPP file will port 100% perfectly to all the other templates. We are also looking at writing a tool which will automatically take your code from your chosen environment, and 'create' the projects in the other flavours to further speed up your production.

I drink tea, and in my spare time I write software.

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