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AppGameKit Classic Chat / Windows running as Virtual Machine on Mac - SUCCESS!

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Joined: 1st Jun 2011
Location: Ottawa - Canada
Posted: 22nd Aug 2011 16:55
If you have a Mac and you want to work with Basic, this is for you. We know that when using tier 1, there is no IDE ready to use on Mac, so one alternative is running a virtual machine.

It is not the perfect world, but I could run AppGameKit on a Windows 7 Virtual Machine (using VMWare Fusion) with no issues.

The fun part is that I left running the *native* Mac OSX AppGameKit player in the host, and run a AppGameKit program from the IDE in the Windows VM. Both players started the game - the Windows one inside the VM, and the Mac player in my host. That's perfect for now!

(*) In theory this should work since the VM communicates to the host using a standard network connection, but it was good to see that it actually worked.

(*) If you don't have two devices, it is actually perfect to test multiplayer games

(*) VMWare Fusion is a commercial product, but I'm pretty sure you can accomplish the same task using the free Virtual Box.


Rich Dersheimer
AGK Developer
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Joined: 1st Jul 2009
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Posted: 22nd Aug 2011 20:51
Very good to know about this, thanks!

Daniel TGC
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Joined: 19th Feb 2007
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Posted: 23rd Aug 2011 13:46
Bootcamp is your friend too.

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