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Program Announcements / Outbreak HD (DGDK)

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Joined: 23rd Aug 2011
Location: TGC
Posted: 24th Aug 2011 17:06 Edited at: 25th Aug 2011 09:23
Title: Outbreak
Description: Fast paced shoot 'em up.
File Type: .zip
File Size: 8.88 MB
File Link:

A team of scientists went on a mission to another planet in hopes to save our own. When they got there everything went wrong.... Now you and your team must visit the alien planet and destroy those mutant freaks!

Game features:
3 types of aliens
3 hackable enemy turrets
8 survival levels
unique accuracy system
' compact rifle'
plasma launcher
plasma 'uzi'
plasma rocket
3 fireteam members with AI targeting and reloading
leveling up system
team control system
hostile and friendly auto-turrets
options menu
movement: W,A,S,D
reload: R
change weapon:1,2,3
pick up object: face it, right click
throw object:spacebar
launch menu:escape
SHIFT +Z : commands pistol team mate to move towards mouse, and stay there until you get too far
SHIFT +X : commands rifleman
SHIFT +C: commands shotguner
SHIFT +V: commands all three
to cancel their positions simply press those buttons WITHOUT shift

Known Problems:
aliens MIGHT get stuck
darkness doesnt detect diagonals
accu-shooting an alien up close with a shotgun MIGHT produce both a falling alien death and a fading alien death
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Joined: 14th Aug 2011
Location: Cyberspace
Posted: 24th Aug 2011 21:58
I love this game! It's so fun, this one is definitly a keeper.

The wisest leader is the one that can avoid the conflict in the first place.
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Joined: 23rd Aug 2011
Location: TGC
Posted: 24th Aug 2011 23:50
Thanks! It took me forever to make! This is my baby. I'm glad you like it. Its been in development for over four months.
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Joined: 7th Aug 2010
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Posted: 3rd Sep 2011 08:21
I did right click save as.. I also tried to just click the link, but got errors..

rem allow user create game with one click
rem create graphics, sound, scripts, models, with one click
rem slap user in face if game choice is mmo

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