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Dark GDK .NET / HOWTO: Keyboard Input with Embedded Rendering Window in Form

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Joined: 19th Aug 2011
Posted: 24th Aug 2011 22:00
After being told that it "can't be done", and I literally almost did give up before I found a workaround. Note, you will be using .NET Windows form key events, which works great for my Wizardry style, tile based movement project, but definately will suck performance wise if you are doing an FPS or similar.

It's so simple it's stupid: just give the oDBInput object a bogus control device. In my code, I used:


And viola! Windows Forms is now hooking keys again!

I posted a video on youtube of the game concept I wipped up in 5 hours with

Hope this helps someone!
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Posted: 31st Aug 2011 21:10
Removed duplicate thread


P.S. Good advice

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