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Dark GDK .NET / Still alive?

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Joined: 25th Aug 2011
Posted: 25th Aug 2011 21:54
Am considering using Dark for a retro project. The main advantages that I see are that it can handle 2d a lot easier than Unity3d. A lot of the assets are 2d and fitting this to Unity could prove annoying.

Do you still recommend using Dark given its not really being developed anymore? If not what do you recommend as an alternative (not XNA please)?

Finally, I use VS2010, I trust using 2010 is fairly trouble free with Dark

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Posted: 31st Aug 2011 21:07
The DarkGDK.NET toolkit can be used with VS 2010, but the components are compiled with .NET 3.5 at present. I am working to get this resolved.


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