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Program Announcements / [DarkGDK Game] AstroRain

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Posted: 13th Sep 2011 15:05
Hello folks, I've found an old game that I programmed with DarkGDK. I did not want to hide from you. Here it is. Is not particularly exciting but maybe you like it.

The Story:
Your home planet is close to destruction by a swarm of asteroids. The catastrophe can not be stopped. The only chance to ensure the survive of humanity is to give so much time, so People can be saved as possible. Equipped with the latest Weapons technology, you sit in a satellite and try with your Sunblast 4000 to stop the inevitable destruction of the planet. procure your People so much time to leave the transporter to the planet.

Crosshair movement -> Mouse
Fires -> left mouse button
P -> Pause

Yellow Canister -> additional energy for rapid fire (every 2000 points)

Every 90 seconds starts a transporter (left-top display) and
undamaged pass of the asteroid field, 250 points are credited.

Rapid Fire is left-bottom.

State of the planet is displayed right below.

File: (Megaupload)

Have lot of fun with this

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My English is so BAD ;(

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