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2D All the way! / Change stage

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Joined: 22nd Feb 2011
Posted: 21st Sep 2011 09:55
Hi I'm still a newbie so please bear with me
how do I code that when my player sprite reached a certain point or a platform, it will go to next stage?

Should I put the whole codes for that stage in a label,
then when my player reach the portal or a sprite, I'll use gosub?
Or any better way?
If so, any clue how to properly code it?


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Joined: 10th Oct 2009
Location: Australia
Posted: 21st Sep 2011 11:39
The way I would do it is call an 'initialise' function/subroutine which would prepare everything for the next level e.g hide un-necessary sprites, reposition enemies/player etc. I would then call the 'next level' function/subroutine. The things that I would put into the 'initialise' func/sub would be things that only need to be done once while in the 'next level' func/sub I would put in things that need to be done each loop.

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