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Joined: 19th Nov 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 22nd Nov 2002 05:02
Hello, as you can tell, my name is SS1k.

I hope I posted in the right section, for I am new to thease forums. I didn`t know if I should post in the Newbie Forum, or in the Program Anouncement forums, because this post has a little of everything in it. I compleatly understand if this post is moved.

I am going to buy DB or DBPro for X-Mas this year. I was looking around for types of program to use, and altho C/C++ is powerfull stuff(well even for me), I found it too confusing to understand. So, rather than confuse myself early in the prosses, I found DarkBASIC. It very familer to most of the BASIC programs I am use to(Future and Visual), so that is a major plus in of it self.

I am going to try to make test in use of this language to see how I will program my first videogame. I am going to first see if I can do most of the stuff: Colision Ditection, AI, posisoning, texturing, matrix creation, ect. Then, I am going to try to figure out how to do some of the unique feature in my game: Like traceing the posisioning of the objects so I can create the ilusion of manipulating time; that sort of stuff.

After that, if I succed in all of the above, I will try to create my first videogame programing compony. Right now, I will be doing every possision imaginable, so helping hands whould be nice. I will ask this latter on in hear, so don`t start replying E-Mails to me for Job Applications, you will get no responce.

For-warned, that once I start this project and compony, I will probly never stop. From X-Box VS Gamecube to Online Fan Games, the videogame indurstry is getting very competitive. I beleave I have the determination to get in to the buseness. I also know that my first videogame will be wired, and will proboly get cridisim and publisity for being wired. What most people don`t know, is that my future game ideas will blow people`s minds...

Well, I have indulged in talking long enough. I hope my stay is a good one, and I can enjoy this place like my home and school...

:..>Mind is Thought
:..>Play is Fun
Years of Service
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Joined: 14th Oct 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 22nd Nov 2002 23:57
Ah... lord was i ever that young. Keep strong and believe in yourself my son. For the journy ehead is a long and tedious one wich will lead you into many caverns of anxiaty and despair. But those who stand strong will be saved in the end.

Come children and i shall bring you into unlevend
feilds of faraf fo sdlief dnevelnu otni uoy gnirb llahs i dna nerdlihc emoC

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