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DarkBASIC Discussion / ading a ted matrix to a dark basic program?

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Joined: 23rd Oct 2011
Posted: 23rd Oct 2011 15:56
hi could someone please help

I would like tpo know what comands in darkbasic i have top use to add a 3dworld that i have designd using the ted software3 sold on the gamecreaters to darkbasic file so that the charicters can walk on it. DO I USE THE INCLUDE COMAND OR WHAT.

please help me

also if im useing a 3d object byuilder do i just have to load it to dfarkbasic with the load comand, or do i use include, or something else as i am realy stuck
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Posted: 29th Oct 2011 17:50 Edited at: 29th Oct 2011 17:52
I am an owner of the latest version of Ted Terrain editor.
Don't quote me on this, but I believe that Ted is compatible only with Dark Basic Pro. I have checked the website where Ted is sold and there is no mention of Dark Basic Classic anywhere, only Dark Basic Pro. I checked the forums also and there is no mention of DBC only DBP.

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