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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] It Is Just A Game My Latest Project

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Joined: 5th Jul 2011
Location: Raccoon City
Posted: 14th Nov 2011 12:52
My latest game, It Is Just A Game.

It is kind of inspired by Saw, if I can figure traps and all they will be added.

Link to game:

The goal is simple, survive and figure your way around and out of this unknown place. The story goes as followed:

Waking up in a hall, with no clue as to who you are let alone where you are.
The hall seems bland with no carpet, no wall decor, and poor lighting.
Walking down it you notice there is a turn, you go further.
A wall to the right has posters on it.
At the end of the hall is a desk and chair with a lamp on the desk.
Nothing is on it though.
A button is on the right wall, you push it.
The door on the left wall begins to slowly open.
After you could squeeze through, the room turns out to be a bedroom.
A business card was on the floor, you pick it up and read the number.
A desk at the other side of the room has a phone on it.
You dial the number, it rings for a bit. Then someone picks up.

"Hello, let's play It Is Just A Game.
Now the goal is simple, survive and find the end of the 'board'.
Rules are also simple, just ask Jeffery next to you. He didn't listen, that's the first rule; Listen.
Rule number two is no cheating.
Rule number three is-
Well time is up.
You only have one life in reality and in this game you will only get one life.
Mikey is lonely pay him a visit.
Let the Game...begin....hah hah hah hah hah...."

He hangs up. So do you.
The Game Begins...


Read and search carefully, never know what you will find.


Mindless shoot em up is NOT part of the game, rather you must solve the puzzles.


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