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DarkBASIC Discussion / MPEG plays when EXE and d3drm.dll on desktop but not from inside folders??

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Joined: 19th Aug 2010
Posted: 21st Dec 2011 10:54
Hi everyone I have a really bizarre one. I wrote a Dark Basic (not Pro) program and it plays Mpeg animations. Works great on my development Vista machine that has had every update and DirectX 9c intstalled for a long time. I download all sorts of video and dev tools so all I can say is my dev machine works.. LOL

I recently got some Windows 7 64 bit Atom based computers. I usually just place d3drm.dll with the exe file in a folder and it works. I use the "Final" exe's with the media embedded,

The programs ran fine on 5 separate computers, they are all brand new Lenevo Atom 64 bit Win 7 machines. But on 4 of them the videos didn't play and on one computer it did. A copy of the SAME exe on each machine and no other files except d3drm.dll

Took me a while but the machine that DID play the MPEG video had the exe and the d3drm.dll ON THE DESKTOP and the others had those two files in a folder. I tried setting compatibility to winxp3 and Run as admin, for all users, with no luck.

So I copied the two files to the desktops on the other 4 computers and did a fresh reboot. The MPEG videos play now but only if stored on the desktop.

What's making me nuts is WHY the videos work when the exe is on the desktop with NO compatibility or admin rights but not from a folder with or without compatibility or admin rights?

Thanks for any ideas!
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Joined: 23rd Jul 2006
Posted: 24th Dec 2011 00:27
Quote: "What's making me nuts is WHY the videos work when the exe is on the desktop with NO compatibility or admin rights but not from a folder with or without compatibility or admin rights?"


It's hard to say. It could a path issue in your source. If you are using relative paths versus absolute paths, you may be running into some problems.

What version of DarkBASIC Classic are you using? Versions 1.13 and below writes some media files and variable values and such to C:/windows/temp which is an archaic path for modern windows os. Version 1.20 and above create a directory in the root of whatever drive the exe is run within, adding the folder name dbTemp. So if the exe was on the C drive then a folder would be created:


If the program doesn't have permission to write to c:/windows/temp or it doesn't have permissino to create dbTemp, then that may be causing or contributing to the problem.

So, check the paths in your source code, and check on the temp directories DBC uses. It the paths in your source code are absolute and the paths do not exist, your media may not be found. If the paths are relative but subdirectories don't exist, that may also be part of the trouble.

Another possibility is if you use BUILD FINAL where you include everything in the build. The trouble with this command is that it takes EVERYTHING in the folders and subfolders and puts it in the final exe whether it uses that info or not. That means all of the tmp files, or extra images you hadn't planned on using, or dlls, or anything that's in the folders. Sometimes this will prevent the exe from working under any circumstances, other times it can create a problem in locating specific files.

So check to make sure your final exe directory and subdirectories are clean of everything except your source and the media you want to use. Remove the d3drm.dll before you make your final if it is sitting in the same folder as your source.

Again, this applies to building a FINAL EXE that includes media, not just a regular exe.

Enjoy your day.
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Posted: 24th Dec 2011 23:55
64-bit Atom?... I think you mean the AMD C processors...

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