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Android / AGK for Android ...

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Joined: 30th Jun 2004
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Posted: 29th Dec 2011 00:17
Dear all,

Is there any plan to release an AppGameKit editor for Android platform? I am not talking about AppGameKit player for the Android platform but about a complete editor for Android to allow direct development on some devices such as eee pad/transformer as it can be done on Windows or OS X?



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Joined: 8th Dec 2011
Posted: 29th Dec 2011 08:06 Edited at: 29th Dec 2011 08:09
While the idea is kinda interesting not sure how practical it would be - since you still need a full windows java development system to do the ndk compile and to build the application install apk packaging.

Right now I would prefer to see some features like Static arrays in Types and native Video playback / HTML5 playback incorporated into the existing platforms before they moved onto new development environments,


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