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Joined: 30th Oct 2008
Location: Southern California
Posted: 19th Jan 2012 04:56 Edited at: 19th Jan 2012 22:43
- single player, simple space RTS

- story: You successfully tested a new fold engine but now your fold engine is missing! Mine resources, rebuild the engine and fold home to win.

- some refinements needed like ship wreckage, explosions
- space ships need work/replacement

- planning to release for PC (AppUp) and tablets (as soon as I buy one!)

- written in Teir 2

- took me several tries before I was able to solve it, so don't give up

- have fun!

EDIT: Updated the ships, using DarkMatter2 ships.


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Joined: 9th Jan 2006
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 20th Jan 2012 07:20
Reminds me of SPAZ ( Love that game, and if you can pull off anything even remotely close to that I'd be impressed.
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Joined: 7th Oct 2011
Location: rnd
Posted: 23rd Jan 2012 23:11 Edited at: 24th Jan 2012 02:42
This game is excellent. Great sound. I liked the engine effect and movement. Have to run but will play more later.

Edit to add
I like the ships shooting at missiles as the come i. It adds extra dimension to the fighting. I found controlling a fighter more effective than trusting them to defend themselves.

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