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Work in Progress / PureGDK 2.0 now at release-candidate status

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Posted: 29th Jan 2012 15:43
PureGDK 2.0 Release Candidate 1 is out! This is it. It's almost done.

The current release is still in release-candidate status. However, the new website provides a download link for the full commercial version (for those accounts who purchase it) which does not expire as the beta releases have.

Please delete any files installed by a previous release of PureGDK 2.0 beta before installing a new one! The default user path is "%appdata%\PureGDK", the default install path is "..Program Files (x86)\PureGDK"

PureBasic users: You "must" uninstall any previous release of PureGDK 1.0 before installing PureGDK 2.0. Older releases are not compatible and you will not be able to compile.


Quote: "
PureGDK 2.0 Release Candidate 1
Bug fixes:
- The gdkc.exe tool will no longer evaluate invalid string table entries which do not have exports.

- Added registry keys to HKLM/HKCU which identify the PureGDK install path and version number for third-party developers.
- Added an uninstaller and an entry for it in the add/remove programs dialog in the control panel.
- The installer now expects a serial number to install. This number can be obtained from your user account at
- Reverted renaming of "chroma" back to "color" as the key is actually 1-bit instead of a range of colors.
- Removed the builddocs tool and its source code from the PureGDK SDK for the time being.
- The installer now provides better context menu handling.
- Corrected some erroneous constants which did not match the documentation."

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Posted: 29th Jan 2012 17:07
Wow so many threads im lost...

Will yhis be available through TGC?

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Posted: 29th Jan 2012 19:43
Quote: "Will yhis be available through TGC?"

Yes, it will.

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