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DarkBASIC Discussion / DBC Help Files Re-Vamp

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Posted: 2nd Feb 2012 07:07
I have been learning HTML and CSS and remembered how cluttered, ugly and broken the DBC help files are, so I made a start fixing them and practising my new knowledge.

I've only edited a few of the main pages and the memblock mesh pages but already I'm pleased with the results. I might continue this, there are over a thousand pages so it would take a while to complete the whole lot!

I changed some of the text and in particular I would like someone to go over my explanation of mesh data when stored in memblocks, just to make sure I haven't said anything wrong.

Open start.htm to begin viewing.

PS I have included four style sheets that can be swapped about if you want to have a look at them (I don't know how to do this in the web page yet), but I think the one I've left active is the best.

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Posted: 21st Feb 2012 17:07
It looks great. please go on...

thank you

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