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Dark GDK .NET / Skybox Issue

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Joined: 20th Apr 2006
Posted: 3rd Feb 2012 22:40
I was going to take screenshots but can't locate the right source from backup. I have a 3d, 6 sided skybox...each side has an image on a planet, a sun, starfields, etc. If I load the skybox in DBP or DarkGDK(C++), it works just fine. But for some reason, when I load it in DarkGDK .NET under visual basic...the images are all messed up, like some are being used twice and some aren't displaying at all. I've tried it on different computers with the same result, I can't figure out what is different from .NET and the other engines that is causing this. I have uploaded the model with images if anybody wants to give it a shot. If I can't get it to work, i'm going to have to go back to C++, but most of my code is already in GDK.NET. I chose .NET because i'm more fluent in it, such that I actually paid for the GDK and am having this issue.


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Posted: 8th Feb 2012 23:29
Mind sharing a sample of the code used ? That would be a starting point in figuring out what happened.

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