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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [X9] Odin Station

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Joined: 29th Mar 2009
Location: Germany
Posted: 21st Feb 2012 13:39 Edited at: 21st Feb 2012 14:20
Odin Station



Set in the same universe as HMS Diptera, you experience the life as a specialist. As a mercenary you are employed as a private contractor by different people and organisations to perform the most deadly of tasks, but sometimes your in for a special surprise. Maybe something to dodge the law, maybe something that makes you feel sick, something that pushes you into the weird wide world. Who knows?

Experience the life of a mercenary completing unrelated missions in Odin Station.


Contact :

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Joined: 19th Aug 2009
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Posted: 21st Feb 2012 14:19
Lol dating service ... Anyways, I LOVE how you manage to keep the same feel and visual style to most of your games (at least the ones in the same setting). All the retextures are great too


For KeithC
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Joined: 31st May 2011
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Posted: 21st Feb 2012 16:29 Edited at: 21st Feb 2012 16:30
nice (except the coke-machine wich looks strange, but could be the lightning).

is this some kind of prequel/sequel of Diptera or totally off your last game? i like the idea to setup (many) different smaller games with same background but different stories as a series and bring it together in a final chapter as a big project at the end, so a "compiled franchise"^^ thought of something like that?

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