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DarkBASIC Discussion / Text hidden behind Background sprite

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Posted: 25th Feb 2012 00:57
Ello all,

I am new to the forums, I have learned much by reading the posts in this forum but can't find the answer to my question.

When I try to output txt to the screen using dbText() it gets hidden behind the background sprite. If I remove the sprite the text is visible. It is a black background image so I'm not sure why white text is being hidden.

My code for the text is simply:

dbCenterText(75,15, "Player 1 ");

Also, while on the subject, I am trying to allow the user to prompt the name for Player 1 instead of simply putting "Player 1" I looked through the tutorials on the forums but didn't find what I need.
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Posted: 25th Feb 2012 05:54
Judging by your code, it looks like you are using Dark GDK or something similar. This is the forum for DarkBASIC classic.

That being said, DarkBASIC usually renders sprites above other 2d graphics (text, pasted images and sprites, etc). Try changing the sprite's properties to hide black pixels. You might also be able to omit the usage of a sprite and stick with PASTE IMAGE (no idea of the Dark GDK equivalent) command. That will just throw it up there and your text will render on top of it (as long as the text command occurs after the paste image command).

Hope this helps.

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Posted: 25th Feb 2012 17:09
You are correct, I am in the wrong forum
I wasn't sure which was which.
I am using dark gdk
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Posted: 27th Feb 2012 11:27

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