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Work in Progress / agk game engine progject

3d point in space
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Posted: 2nd Mar 2012 19:14 Edited at: 2nd Mar 2012 19:16
ok if you look at the agk showcase will will see a engine called the tiled engine.

things I have done in engine:

xmlmapeng::xmlmapeng(string map)
//partions the xml from tiled.

currently this is what I have done.
partion the tiled engine for this kind of data
I have the ability to get polyline data.

vector<int> xmlmapeng::Setpolyline(string objectname,int polyline)
//this gets the objectname and the polyline in question.

//this returns the current orientation of the map.

vector<int> xmlmapeng::makemapfromlayer(string layername)
//return the layer from the name. in vector format.

Brains for agk:

vector<float> BRAINENG::Seek(vector<float> point,vector<float> currentPosition)

//this seeks the next point from the current point

void BRAINENG::ApplyCircularMotion(int sprite,float xcent,float ycent,float dist,float vol)
// this applys a circular motion to a sprite monster.

void BRAINENG::ApplyBrainBackandForth(int sprite,vector<float> points,float amount)
// this applys a back and forth motion to the sprite in question

void BRAINENG::ApplyBrainUpandDown(int sprite,vector<float> points,float amount)
// this applys a up and down motion to the sprite in question.


vector<float> GRAPHICSPART::CheckCollision(int sprite,float xamount,float yamount,int xcnt)// checks to see if the is collision with a sprite and a current object in the layer.

void GRAPHICSPART::ApplySpotLight2(float xpos,float ypos, float radius,int leastval,int xcnt)//apply a spot light in x and y pos

GRAPHICSPART::GRAPHICSPART(vector<int> thelayer,int Depth,string spritesheet,string orientation,int tileheight,int tilewidth,int mapheight,int mapwidth)//draws the layer based upon layer properties.


need to do:

A *algorthm// I am redoing the a algorthm to support and enemy and the player. in a class format. So this method may be used over and over again for new enemy's
Sterring algorthm. // I have not touched on this but I could use help on this algorthm.
avoid /have not done this yet eather.

If any one has something else I can add to the 2d engine please post here. Or if you can help then that will be better.

sorry about the spelling I just typed this out in a couple of minutes.

Developer of Space Chips, pianobasic, zipzapzoom, and vet pinball apps.
Developed the tiled map engine seen on the showcase.
Veterian for the military.

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