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DarkBASIC Discussion / failed to load dbafile bug

Southside Games
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Posted: 3rd Mar 2012 22:01 Edited at: 5th Mar 2012 17:58

Today I got a new computer that is much better than my old (old one had one GB of ram 0.o how did I live?) but that means I'm at the fun part of reinstalling everything. well, in dark basic pro when I type a project in to test. it says "failed to loaddba" . I dono what to do. I already updated directx. the compiler looks like the old DBP. even though I updated to u77.

the path I took was...
installed DBP off the disk.
installed the expansions. Dark ai, ect
updated to U77

also I'm not sure how to get the new layout. sorry for being a noob.

Thanks much!

edit: I realize this is the wrong forum for this post. my bad.
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Posted: 22nd Mar 2012 14:11
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