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Work in Progress / [LOCKED] 3d Space build/fight/explore/MMO! Needs tallent .

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Joined: 12th Apr 2010
Posted: 13th Mar 2012 15:22
Hi , I have been slowly learning to use DBPRO to realise some ideas for games , however after several years i have learned that im never going to be a good enough programmer to make a professional looking/feeling game , im pleased with how i have progressed but now im facing facts ,it simply takes me too long to make progress . So i decided to try and tempt some tallented people into joining me ...

I have already begun work on my ideas and have some code which would serve as idea demonstrating .(at least).

Let me briefly explain the crux of the game so you can decide if this would inspire you to work well towards it .

Lets begin on the ground !
Planet surphace where you begin life as a colonist on one of the many planets in a newly dicovered solarsystem .
Each planet would be on its own server which is linked to the Space server . You traverse space to get to any other planet .
You will need to build some cruicial survival skills to effectively explore the (sometimes) hostile world , populated with strange alien beasts, insearch of natural resources to collect for your own spacecraft or tools manufacturing or to sell to others who need many resources to build bigger and better spaceships and tools .

The game play will be 1st person/3rd person perspectives , with an orbiting controlable "camera" , zooming into 1st person perspective .

You begin with some basic colonist issue kit , a weapon , some mining tools and a handfull of credits. (enough to buy a blue print for some better equipment)
You set out from the revival point walking and running to explore the planet , surveying and extracting as you go , killing any wildlife that gets in your way (and possibly other players who may try and take from you what you have found!)
Each planet has varying resources (as well as flora and fauna) . Which you will need to gather from several planets in order to build the more advanced items . Before you can go planet hoping you need to build or buy your own space craft , a challenge you will need to gain sufficient/various skills to achieve .
When your character progresses into space you find a cut throat pvp environment , with players batteling/cooperating for control of space and planet traffic / resources . Some players will eventually (through sheer uber skills or mass cooperation )be able to produce larger and larger craft (destroyers,carriers ect) which will depend on consumables and crew members (other players) to keep it running ,with differing roles on the ships (skills again required to be effective in each role).
The players with the large ships will rely on all other players for resources and so the top feeds the bottom in the games economy .
The game offers a sand box approach where you chose which activities you want (if not all) , become a trader/smuggler/pirate/miner/crafter/warrior/hunter/emperor or mix depending on how you want to play (or pay to play!).

The game will be micro payment not subscription . The game will be a kind of Real Cash Economy where ingame currency is purchased, supply and demand sets market trends . This enables the players to aspire to become selfsustaining so the cost to play is lessened . Also being RCE motivates players to become the best and control real money and assets in the game universe .

I think i have outlined the game "in a nutshel" enough for proof of intelectual rights , please let me know what you think and if you would be interested in coming aboard the project .

The work and fine details are not yet fully considered and will be a colaberation of thought , stearing toward the bigger picture i have outlined .
I have come up with a cool space-flight system in previous projects of my own which i would like to use , aswell as some work toward the planet surphace,mining and hunting aspects ,which wont be used but something similar(and much better) will be created.

There is much work to be done so im looking for 2 programmers and and 2 artists (2d/3d).
Programmers would become busness partners and be fully involved from here on , drawing a % of the game earnings and updating the game / bug fixing ect inorder to maintain the product, the artists would be payed royalties for work from the game earnings and also be employed for updates in the future (but not necessarily part of the fulltime team (unless you are both programmer artist).

If you are interested please make it known and have some nice work to show me.

Ideas and questions welcome.

Thanks for reading.
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Posted: 15th Mar 2012 00:43
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