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Work in Progress / Nautamouse demo program

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Joined: 14th Mar 2012
Location: Australia
Posted: 14th Mar 2012 14:58
Hi gamers,

I have written a small program with the Dark GDK and the ManyMouse API to demonstrate my prototype of a 3D input device.

It is called the Nautamouse and uses 3 optical mouse sensors to input movement to the demo program in 6 degrees of freedom (Descent style).

You can see it at

Let me know what you think!




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Location: Duffield
Posted: 16th Mar 2012 14:10
Looks like a very clever bit of work.

I know it looks clumsy and enormous at the moment but once you have a smaller version it will be much more impressive.

Isn't this already a very similar product though:

We use these in CAD already and they are very refined and easy to use. You would have to have something quite different to avoid litigation.

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