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Work in Progress / Amadeus Engine Project

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Joined: 2nd May 2010
Location: London
Posted: 24th Mar 2012 18:11 Edited at: 27th Mar 2012 01:15
Hey Everyone, I have just complete a 5 Month first build of an Engine that I'm trying to create. Any comments will help

-Added two a second patch that corrects some issues with the main camera.
- Then next build will come with much more info
- The menu's are now being built
- To Unlock and Lock Objects, Use The L Key(Allows objects to not be subjected to manipulation)
- Tying to work on all menu functions, while keeping high frame rates.
- (Control + S) - Engine can currently save level's to file and load them.
- (Mouse wheels and L R click) - Camera position and angle can be manipulated in free and focus mode.
-Need some feedback! any feedback! .. or food


AEngine 2012 Ameadus Project Feedback or Food o0

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