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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] Noble Conflict

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Joined: 31st Dec 2011
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Posted: 31st Mar 2012 03:03
Me and many friends are working on a game called Noble Conflict. If you wanna help, join in. It takes place during the Vietnam War and Cold War, when a zombie apocalypse breaks loose. Here are the company members and volunteers helping with the game:

Level Design:
Isaiah Green
Carter Davis
Griffin Jones


Things we need: (are not requests)
Russian and Vietnam characters
Rotating windmill
Hand textures for stock weapons
I will release a demo of the game very soon and post screenshots to give you a basic idea. I know this is a small start for a forum message but it'll get better.

Noble Conflict, coming soon. Learn more at


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Joined: 18th Jul 2007
Posted: 31st Mar 2012 19:10
Quote: "I know this is a small start for a forum message but it'll get better."

Or it gets locked... why don't you check the W.I.P requirements sticky and then fix this real quick before it happens? Just a friendly suggestion.

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Joined: 27th Aug 2010
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Posted: 1st Apr 2012 01:41
Hey I'm willing to help send me an email.

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