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Dark GDK .NET / 3D model connecting and pivot points

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Posted: 4th May 2012 19:21

I tried searching for info on this, I'm not sure about the correct terminology so I got no useful results.

I'm building an app that will allow a robotic platform to be assembled virtually from range of parts that I created in 3ds Max. Each of these parts can be connected to one another and can be pivoted at the pivot points.

My question is:
Where and how do I define these connection and pivot points and make use them in Dark GDK so that my code can 1. assembled these parts according to a saved file, 2. Allow movement at the pivot points.

I tried writing an entire 3D engine to avoid this problem, but only got as far as wireframe because the shading programming and math is beyond me. So I can figure the rest out if someone can kindly point me towards a tutorial on setting up connection/pivot points in the 3D model and using them in Dark GDK.


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