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Dark GDK / What would you expect from a free version of DarkGDK 2.0?

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Joined: 29th Mar 2008
Posted: 8th Jun 2012 23:46
I am on win7 32bit using vs2010.

it was quite simple to copy 1 of the example file, take the necessary files, customise the vs2010 settings a bit and have an empty template to work on.

i am now going to try to convert a gdk 1 project to see how much work it involves. quite a few commands have changed, which is no surprise since the version of gdk 1.0 I have is 2-3 years old now I think!!!
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Posted: 9th Jun 2012 01:50
thanks bjadams, I just bought some new apps I will do a screen grab of what I do to make this work and host it up on my site [yt is for nubs XD] and then you can tell me where I am going wrong hopefully... but will be a week or two before I manage this...

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