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Dark GDK .NET / Scroll Bars

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Posted: 19th Jun 2012 04:53 Edited at: 19th Jun 2012 04:53
How do you guys handle scroll bars in DarkGDK.NET. I noticed that the behavior is kinda funky with Mostly because I have other threads running in the background and that whenever you move the "thumb" of the scrollbar around, the threads hang until you release it.

It's for any scrollbar actually. The one's in listboxes etc. What I have is a run function for an object inside my DarkGDK loop and then inside that run function, threads are created, ran, and interrupted. Until you start using a scrollbar of course.

I at first thought it may be because of the run function is on the same thread as the main UI thread, but I tried putting it on it's own thread, and it still got hung up.

So, I think it's just the nature of how scrollbars work and that they hog the main UI thread or something similar. Anyone know anything about this?

Here's a video:

The tick at the bottom of the screen is updated on it's own thread.

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