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Dark GDK / Multiply Defined Symbols Error

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Joined: 22nd Mar 2012
Posted: 25th Jun 2012 20:10

I received the above error after running my program on DarkGDK. I created a .cpp file called blocks.cpp and wrote a few functions for a class that I created in the header file, blocks.h, and then when I test it in the main function, it comes up with this error, which references my two functions endGame() and initializeGame() that had worked previously. Can anyone shed any insight as to where this problem came from and how I can fix it?

It's not finished yet, and you might find that some of the numbers are wrong, because I was unable to test it with these errors, so I apologize.
Here's the relevant code:
In Main.cpp:

Then I have a class in blocks.h with function prototypes. I also have a file called Tetris.h which includes all necessary files and is also included in the other header files... I created a wrapper for each header file.

In blocks.cpp:

Thanks in advance.

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