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Dark GDK / VMware and Dark GDK

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Joined: 16th May 2012
Posted: 2nd Aug 2012 21:40
I am using a VMware Windows 7 Workstation with Visual Studio 2008 and Dark GDK installed in the VM. I can compile my program without errors but I get the following runtime errors:

Failed to get device caps
Failed to find valid stencil buffer
Unable to create device
Unable to setup 3D device

This same program runs without errors on another computer without using VMware.

How can I get the program to run inside the VMware machine?
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Joined: 28th Dec 2005
Location: Sweden
Posted: 2nd Aug 2012 23:46
DarkGDK requires DirectX.
Usually DirectX can't be installed on virtual machines since they don't have any graphics card (they emulate a poor one without 3d support in software usually).
Lately though some virtual machines have begun supporting 3D acceleration and the like; VirtualBox for one does this. I'm not sure but I believe it should be able to run DarkGDK programs.

A quick googling led me here for 3d with VMWare, you can take a look at it and see if it might do.

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Joined: 4th Aug 2006
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Posted: 28th Aug 2012 19:48
DarkGDK ( and DarkBASIC ) programs run in VMware Workstation guests without any problems !
VMware Workstation supports DX9 very well and the graphic speed is ok. Of course the graphic performance of the guest depends on the performance of host computer.
'Accelerate 3D graphics' must be selected in the 'Virtual Machine Settings'.
But it is important to use the newest graphic drivers in the host machine (the computer on which VMware Workstation is installed) !

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