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Dark GDK / dbInk() very slow

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Joined: 17th Aug 2012
Posted: 17th Aug 2012 15:31
I want to scroll textlines with different colours. But if I use dbInk(),dbSetTextFont() or dbSetTextSize() the scrolling slows down. Are these commands so slow?

Thanks for help

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Joined: 28th Dec 2005
Location: Sweden
Posted: 18th Aug 2012 01:51
Yes they are, those functions are best not used in realtime.
I'd suggest you to look into creating a bitmap font system, with a bit of colour blending you can change colours of those with ease and yes, they run very fast.

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Joined: 1st Nov 2007
Location: NW United Kingdom
Posted: 18th Aug 2012 19:01
Also changing the text font and size will have a huge impact on speed as it has to reload the new font.

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Joined: 27th Feb 2011
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Posted: 19th Aug 2012 00:09 Edited at: 19th Aug 2012 00:11
A little while ago, I wrote myself a sprite font system (No kerning, but I didn't require one for my purposes...) Here's the code:

And attatched is a bitmap font. Everything's pretty well labeled, so changing the system shouldn't be hard. It runs by reading a string's ASCII codes, and pasting the apropriate letter at a calculated position. Nothing special.

Using this function, you can use multiple font images at no cost to the game's performance, as each font requires only ONE sprite!

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Joined: 4th May 2009
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Posted: 19th Aug 2012 03:42
you might want to check this out

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