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2D All the way! / Will Work For LoL RP Cards :P - Graphic Designer

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Joined: 3rd May 2009
Location: ON, Canada
Posted: 8th Sep 2012 19:52 Edited at: 8th Sep 2012 19:55
I have more free time on my hands. So I'm willing to do some freelance work.

I'm in need of $10 League of Legends RP Cards (Can just send me the code over email etc.), because my little cousins birthdays are coming up. I'd love to give them 1 each, so I really only need 2 codes.

I specialize in 2D graphics and logos.

Some of my work: (Logo/Design)

I can't find my other pieces now... as I haven't bothered making a portfolio. Anyways 'lemme know!

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