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iOS and MacOS / problems with teir 1 compile ios

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Posted: 12th Sep 2012 18:41
apple in their wisdom had given me and update xcode will not continue with it. so i install the component updates. and then i cant compile my game to the phone. Iphone 4s

if i install xcode again it works fine but after the update it stops working again. the compile error is.

lexical or preprocessor issue.
Availabiltity.h not available.

Any ideas ?

There can only be one
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Posted: 17th Sep 2012 17:43
Which version of Xcode (4 I would think)?

Since Apple is updating the core iOS, it might be good NOT to use the updated Xcode 4. I know I had problems when they updated iOS 5. I had to make sure that my Mac Xcode and all my iOS devices all got the same updates.

Stick with the working version of Xcode. There is no rush to use all the latest Apple stuff. Not everyone is going to rush to update their devices (since that sometimes makes older stuff stop working).

Ancient Lady
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