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3 Dimensional Chat / Are game engine creators ignorant or just niche surfing?

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Posted: 13th Sep 2012 11:48
Anyone else notice everyone and their uncle has published easy game coding solutions, but there hasn't been solutions for streamlined content creation in almost two decades?

Instead of ranting too long, I'll give a overview:
*Topology reduction: Manual only if rigged or planning to rig; automated tools usually break meshes and/or skeletons either way

*Animation:Tools are almost non-existent. No conversion support, and existing primitive keyframe solutions have extremely small mesh format support and are mostly in the form of under-developed buggy plugins

*Modeling:Sculpt&Pain-On solutions like Zbrush and Makehuman are all that have progressed. They don't tie into any game workflows without buggy conversions though, and zero animation support outside buggy abandoned tools.

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