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Dark GDK / Low FPS = Game Slowdown

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Joined: 15th Dec 2011
Posted: 27th Oct 2012 22:33
When my brother plays my game on his computer he gets lag. While I was designing the game, I was running at 60 FPS. So with his much weaker computer, when the FPS drops down to the 30 range, his game play is twice as slow as normal.

Has anyone dealt with this before? I notice that commercial games will run at the same speed, no matter if the FPS is 2 or 120. How do they do this?
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Joined: 18th Mar 2009
Posted: 28th Oct 2012 04:47
The fps of commercial games never drop below 30. Most are probably kept at 60. Try optimizing your code.

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Joined: 20th Dec 2004
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Posted: 28th Oct 2012 07:38
You want all movement in your game to move as if it was 60 fps. So if you're at 30 fps, you want to move twice as fast.

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Joined: 5th Dec 2010
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Posted: 28th Oct 2012 20:07
TIMER BASED MOVEMENT is likely what you are looking for...

Hope that helps... [Although I believe there are a few methods but this is the most common?]

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Joined: 28th Oct 2012
Posted: 30th Oct 2012 17:02
This is my first post

You could also have two (or more) threads, one for rendering the game and one for moving players, checking for collision, etc. If the rendering thread starts dropping below the desired FPS it won't slow down the "processing" thread as much as it would've. This is just a guess, but it makes sense in my head.

Anyway, I'm also making a game at the moment and I use this to prevent slowdowns:

if(awesome) return true;

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